After years of extensive education in various disciplines - art, dance, acting and mass communication, I realized that I had amassed this unique skill-set that I was eager to explore, and more importantly, share with others.

When I started teaching drama to children, it gave me great pleasure and fulfillment. However, at the back of my mind, there was always one question. What more can I give the students that will help them? Soon enough, it became clear that there was a way to combine our areas of expertise- be it in public speaking, Bollywood dance, speech and drama or even acting - to come up with more holistic and fun programs that will not only benefit our students, but also entertain them.

What you learn with pleasure, you will remember and that's what we call Complete Learning. So are you ready to Complete yourself with guidance from our Complete Educators? I am here together with my crew to help Complete you!

Sharul Channa
President & Co-founder
Complete Communicators Pte. Ltd.